Mentor Match Right For You?

  • Starting to feel dissatisfied with your personal life or career?
  • Struggling with office politics, an underwhelming role, or an unsupportive manager?
  • Approaching a transition, or managing interpersonal and/or professional challenges?
  • Looking for trustworthy advice on some potential career/life changes?

Mentors Inspire You To Make Savvier Career Moves

  • Personally matched with someone experienced with related industry or challenges
  • Learn insightful tips & lessons grounded in mentor’s experience on similar roles, teams, companies, and industries
  • WCN Mentors genuinely enjoy strategizing careers & sharing past missteps to help guide others
  • After your first informational meeting, WCN gifts your mentor a $10 Starbucks gift-card as a special thanks on your behalf.
  • Matches also invited to re-connect at quarterly WCN Community events.

Coach Match Right For You?

  • Wish you had a dedicated, industry-versed supporter you could regularly consult?
  • Considering a career change or pivotal business decision?
  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Still optimistic though despite professional frustrations?
  • Interested in growing new skill-sets, such as work-life balance, sales, management, or recruiting?

Coaches Empower You To Realize Your Options

  • No need to impress; no conflicts of interest
  • Pre-screened for 5+ years of relevant industry experience or 500+ hours of coach training
  • Provide assessment tools for career exploration and self-discovery
  • Spend more time talking through challenges v. listening to more advice
  • Strive towards your goals with more support & accountability

Therapist Match Right For You?

  • Spiraling into potential signs of depression or anxiety?
  • Been feeling stressed or overwhelmed for too long?
  • Having trouble sleeping, socializing, relaxing, or focusing?
  • Noticing changes in your appetite, hygiene, or lifestyle?
  • Experiencing back/neck/shoulder pain or muscle tension?
  • Struggling with unusually low self-confidence or trouble connecting with other people?

Therapists Pull You Out Of Downward Spirals

  • Personally matched to most effective & affordable therapeutic approach for your personal or career challenges.
  • Specially selected according to your preferences & gauged compatibility.
  • Specialists pre-screened to have relevant specialty areas, evidence-backed professional training, and be in good standing with licensing board.
  • WCN does the legwork for you & arranges your first free 10-15min initial consultation. You’ll no longer need to call 5 therapists to hear back from 1 with availability...
  • Video tele-therapy options also available for busy or traveling professionals