About Well Connected Now

WCN personally matches professionals to mentors, coaches, and therapists depending on their circumstances, budget, and preferences.

Specially designed as a go-to-resource for millennial professionals and entrepreneurs to consult throughout their careers, WCN leverages a broader spectrum of affordable specialists to support you.

With WCN's trustworthy, knowledgeable, and time-saving specialists, professionals can privately address their personal dissatisfactions before they spiral into more extreme frustrations.


Well Connected Now's career clinic rebrands mental health, and provides trustworthy, accessible support for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Founding Story

There are more depressed & anxious millennials today than we’ve seen in any other generation.

Even more alarmingly, more than 70% of the 25 million professionals struggling with depression & anxiety today aren’t seeking treatment.

Could that change if they heard about cognitive-behavioral talk therapy's 80% effectiveness rates?

After studying Psychology & Science, Technology & Society at Stanford, coaching Microsoft's Academy of College Hires, and marketing consumer apps around the world as a Tech Evangelist, Lisa Abdilova saw too many friends, co-workers, and mentees struggle with unsupportive managers and underwhelming roles.

Blind referrals from doctors, difficulties scheduling, and incompatible matches have also made finding help unnecessarily harder for too many people in vulnerable times.

Although influencers from the Economist, the Atlantic, YCombinator, and beyond have raised awareness on the importance of managing your psychology and fighting the stigma around mental health, professionals and aspiring founders still don't know how to recognize depression or anxiety, or which specialists can help reframe their negative self-talk.

Turns out that only 18% of therapists actually market their services directly to professionals, which explains why the nuances and benefits of therapy haven't yet been messaged well enough for people to realize what they're missing.

If mental health could be approached as a marketing problem, surely this broken customer journey could be re-designed to make professional support more appealing and accessible, especially for those with highly treatable, mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

Meet the Team

Lisa Abdilova

  • Former Tech Evangelist & Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft's Consumer Apps and Services.
  • Studied Psychology and Science, Technology & [email protected], Marketing @ Kellogg, and Web Design @General Assembly.
  • Trained in peer counseling, coached Microsoft's Academy of College Hires & marketed mobile payments start-up Bling Nation.

Sara Smucker Barnwell, Ph.D.

Ethics & Compliance Advisor
  • Clinical Psychologist, Group Practice Partner, & Asst. Professor @ Univ. Washington
  • Former Director of Teletherapy Health Services & Implementation Training @ Washington Veteran's Hospitals. Contributed to American Psychiatric Association's Telehealth Guidelines.
  • Former Product Manager @ DatStat, & Statistician @ UCSF

Judy Balint

  • Global marketing executive for financial services, digital media, fashion, & logistics industries. Now CMO @ SmartBiz.
  • Former Chief International Officer @ E*Trade, CMO @ Bling Nation, and International Marketing Director @ FedEx & DHL.
  • Former CEO @ Saatchi & Saatchi's EMEA advertising agencies, COO @ Moli, plus founded Iziz Designs.

Matt Murphy

  • Venture Investor @ Renren, focusing on FinTech, HealthTech and Logistics.
  • Former E*Trade Head of Advertising & Media, Clio award winner, and Bling Nation General Manager.
  • Former CMO @ Chegg, the leader in textbook rentals, and Co-Founder @ Lemon & Appsurdity.

Nate Rodland

  • COO @ Robinhood, introducing $0 commission, app-based stock trades.
  • Helped raise $66M from investors such as Ribbit Capital, Google Ventures, & Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Former Associate Producer @ Bungie Studios, where Halo was made, and VP Business Development @ Chronos Research.

Noah Heller

  • CEO & Co-Founder @ Vhoto, recently acquired by Hulu. MIT Sloan MBA
  • Former Entrepreneur-In-Residence @ Atlas Ventures. Call of Duty Product Director & Surreal Software Senior Producer.
  • Former Microsoft Xbox Program Manager, patent owner & President @ DNAi Corporation.