mentors, coaches, and therapists

Well Connected Now (WCN) provides trustworthy and accessible support for professionals and entrepreneurs like you.

Discuss your career
with a cross-industry mentor.


  • Curious about other roles or companies?
  • Considering a career move?
Strive towards your goals
with an experienced, certified coach.


  • Searching for more meaning, impact, or balance?
  • Need non-judgmental, business/start-up advice?
Overcome your challenges
with a discreet, specially vetted therapist.


  • Want to reframe negative, self-defeating thoughts?
  • Ready to address your dissatisfactions?

How WCN Works



  • Get familiar with Well Connected Now's mission to rebrand mental health and make trustworthy support more accessible.
  • Learn how mentors, coaches, and therapists can support you and your loved ones.
  • Referrals also greatly encouraged.

Consult WCN

  • Discuss personal and career goals, specialist preferences, and ideal rates with trained peer counselor, Founder/CEO Lisa Abdilova.
  • Together, we will decide which specialist(s) could best address your challenges.
  • Behavioral health insurance coverage questions also welcome.

Select Your Top Picks

  • Proprietary matching algorithm considers your budget, preferences, and challenges
  • Personally matches you to three highly compatible, potential mentors, coaches, or therapists.
  • Specialists vetted according to our Client Ethics & Satisfaction Standards.

Meet Your WCN Match

  • Once we've confirmed your match's mutual interest and availability, we'll introduce you two for a free 10-15 minute call.
  • Then you can gauge compatibility, cover any questions, and decide whether to move forward with your specialist.
  • WCN also guarantees client satisfaction.

How WCN Community Benefits You

Listens to You

  • Completely confidentially
  • Zero conflicts of interest
  • Specially matched to relatable specialist; professionally trained to ask right questions

Cheers You Up

  • When overwhelmed with stress, despair, or uncertainties
  • Stuck in a rut with life / career
  • Frequently irritable, negative, or worried

Inspires Confidence

  • Reframes negative self-talk
  • Grows skill-set; provides support & encouragement
  • Assists problem-solving & strength discovery

Offers Advice

  • Meet knowledgeable confidants
  • Navigate career planning, start-ups, & office politics
  • Improve your personal & professional relationships

Reassures You

  • Provides clarity & perspective
  • Teaches how to relax & sleep better when wound up/on-edge
  • Relieves early signs of depression & anxiety

Improves Your Health

  • Stabilizes weight loss/gain
  • Fights insomnia, exhaustion, and restlessness
  • Relaxes stiff neck & shoulders; eases back pain & muscle tension

Sample Matches



  • 20-30somethings navigating corporate & start-up careers and office politics.
  • Entrepreneurs / Self-Employed Freelancers / Service Providers
  • Ambitious, intellectually curious, and resourceful


  • Accomplished, warm, and approachable. Enjoy helping sort through personal & professional challenges.
  • Happy to share own takeaways & missteps to support your growth.
  • Wide range of industries & experience levels.


  • Professionally trained to identify values, passions, & motivators.
  • Provide encouragement, resources, & accountability structures to achieve your goals.
  • 10+ years of industry experience as former executives, start-up founders, consultants…


  • Specialize in addressing mild to moderate challenges with depression, anxiety, focus, motivation, and self-confidence.
  • Professionally trained in most effective evidence-based approaches.
  • Practical, tech-savvy, and non-judgmental.

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